About the author ...[SPECIAL NOTE: NOT the guy who killed the lion!]

Walter Palmer retired from being an airline pilot in 2008. His career spanned a wide range of flying experience: his first airline posting was to fly aircraft in the high Arctic throughout northern Alaska, Canada's Arctic archipelago and into Greenland; he retired in a senior position flying very large aircraft internationally for a major airline. Walter's time in the industry included major responsibilities within the Canadian airline pilots' professional association in various positions as a technical and safety specialist with particular expertise in air traffic services (ATS). In addition to this he held various offices on the association's executive council. He also undertook a period in airline management as chief pilot at a major pilot base. Walter is a writer and speaker on issues related to climate change and was selected in 2006 to be trained by Al Gore as a Climate Project presenter. As a result of his interest in both aviation and the environment, he has followed developments in the area of sustainable fuels for many years.